Fortbyte #38 - Accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the northern most Sky Platform

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

All of the Fortbytes have been found. This is the 100th and final one!

In order to find this one, head over to grid coordinate F3 at Lazy Lagoon. You'll also notice that there is a giant pink robot getting ready for battle off in the distance. (Reminds me of Yoshimi by the Flaming Lips.) The countdown clock on the top of the Sky Platforms will let you know exactly when the big event is going to happen.

I also made a website that has a live countdown timer that tells you when the Fortnite Robot event is.

Anyone who wants to get this Fortbyte will need to have their Battle Pass leveled up to Tier 100. I'm not quite there yet, hence my usual AIM outfit. I'm getting close, though. Congrats to those of you who actually got every single Fortbyte!

Now that Season 9 is almost over, I'm very curious to see what collectibles will show up for Season 10. Fortbytes may be a thing of the past, but it's likely Epic will replace them with something new.

It's been leaked that there may also be some Overtime Challenges announced soon. Possibly for the final week of the season. Once some new challenges are released, I'll let you know about them!

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